Known for the last century as a center for furniture manufacturing, the roots of fine cabinetry in Davidson County date back many years. Throughout the 1800s, artisans such as John Swisegood, Joseph Conrad and Henry Heitman created beautiful furniture, often decorating pieces with fine veneers and inlays.

Swisegood headed an association of furniture makers near Abbotts Creek during the second quarter of the 19th century. Pieces attributed to the Swisegood School are highly regarded by museums and collectors, and also serve as a link between 20th century furniture manufacturing and the county’s strong German heritage.

Soon the early seeds of factory production were sown in Davidson County.

D. S. Westmoreland returned after the Civil War to the town that would later be called ‘Chair City’ and resumed making chairs in his backyard shop. In 1879 he founded Thomasville Chair Factory on Randolph Street, which operated for 18 years until it was destroyed by fire.

The next 25 years of our manufacturing history mirrored that of many other communities as the industrialization of the South began in earnest. Many of the manufacturers we are familiar with today can trace their lineage back to furniture companies founded during the early 1900s.

This craftsmanship played a key role in the formation companies whose names you may recognize today. 

Dixie, Young Hinkle, and Henry Link companies formed what is now known as Lexington Home Brands.  Their collections include Liz Claiborne, Tommy Bahama, Waverly and the Bob Timberlake Collection – some of which continues to be made in Lexington today.  Be sure to visit their company outlet while you are here! 

Thomasville Furniture, one of the most recognized names in furniture worldwide includes the Ernest Hemmingway, Bogart, Hills of Tuscany, Fredericksburg and Kent Park Collections. 

The following is just a sampling of our furniture stores…

Design Galleries
217 Hwy 64 West, Lexington 249-6233
Direct Furniture Factory Outlet
37 Parkway Plaza, Lexington 336-224-5717
Gordon’s Furniture
202 West Main Street, Thomasville 336-472-7066
Holton Furniture
805 Randolph Street, Thomasville 336-472-0400
Lexington Home Brands Outlet
107 South Main Street, Lexington 336-243-6289
Oak-Wood Furniture
100 Don Truell Lane, Thomasville 336-475-6733
Piedmont Furniture
8397 Old Salisbury Road, Lexington 336-853-8112
Sandcastle Home Furnishings
157 Harvest Lane, Denton 336-859-1913
315 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington 336-248-2663
Smart Buy Furniture Discount Center
6157 Old US Hwy 52, Lexington 336-731-3459
The Bob Timberlake Gallery
1714 East Center Street Ext., Lexington 336-249-4428
Trade Wind Treasures
3574 South NC Hwy 8, Lexington  336-357-5657
Transit Damaged Freight
1604 South Main Street, Lexington 336-248-2646
Urban Classics
32 East Main Street, Thomasville 336-475-2222

Be sure to visit these stores for accessories and home accents!

Blackberry Hollow
307 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington 336-224-2974
Chelsea’s Manor
100 South Main Street, Lexington 336-249-3310
Catherine’s Curtains
120 South Main Street, Lexington 336-248-8266
Ivy & Old Lace
60 South Main Street, Denton  336-859-2063
Silver Needles Golden Threads
4 East First Avenue, Lexington 336-224-2534
The Decorator’s Edge
509 Randolph Street, Thomasville 336-476-3223

This information was compiled using information provided by various destinations and sources.  While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, we can not assume responsibility for changes or omissions.  Please confirm information with your destination prior to visiting.